Van2017 is involving over 2000 volunteers who are giving their time, commitment and courage to enable a success to the 10th Pacific Mini Games

Many of them loved their temporary job and give all their energy to ensure our visitors are feel at home and enjoy their stay in Port-Vila

The Vanuatu smile speaks a lot again and again

Since they get their uniforms on the 15th of November, Volunteers are just giving their best to ensure instructions and commitment are given to the fullest for the best of the games

The works make Vanuatu shines again despite PAM 2 years ago and the day to day hardship to some

” Its better for me to be there, rather than doing nothing at home and surrounding my grievances and day to day issues, here its fun and we help people and it is great” said a mum who participated in the activity on the stage for the opening

Van2017 will remembered for sure and has gave Vanuatu people another chance to show love on their hospitality and peace to anyone who is here for the games



Story by Adele Willie

Photo Antoine Malsungai