Across the two weeks of the 10th Pacific Mini Games, volunteering in the Media Group was not easy at first, but as days went by, with the help of supervisors and colleagues, we have all managed to get stories done and work well to the end of each day.

Although just having completed first year in the Journalism studies, the volunteering students have tried their best and managed to write and report stories based on accurate facts.

It has been great experience for the Journalism students to be part of the biggest sporting event in Vanuatu’s history – learning how to report on different sports and become familiar with the rules and regulations of all the sports disciplines.

Speaking with one of the media students, he stated that from the beginning it had been a challenge for both him and his colleagues but after long, hard days of work it had been a good experience.

“It was a good experience as a first year student reporting and writing about sports in a big event like this,” said Antas Tavuti.

“I am very glad to be participating in doing volunteering at the Pacific Mini Games which is being held in my home country”.


By Livae Molisa