The six Medical Officers, of which Four (4) Medical Doctors and  Two (2) Physiotherapists  are now Certified as World Medical Rugby Doctors after completing the World Medical Rugby course. This means they are the only one to carry out the medical sports injury management of high risk games.

What a great achievement for Vanuatu, after 37 years, to have its own World Medical Rugby Doctors.

If there was no new sport complex, nor Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu, Vanuatu would not come that far.

Last week, medical doctors Dr Richie Ala, Dr Donald Tangis, Dr Nilani Tari from Northern District Hospital in Santo joined Dr Sale Vurobaravo, and two physiotherapists, Mr. Albert Kaipam and Mr. Manu Tamata from the Vila Central Hospital, for a 2-day World Medical Rugby training in Port Vila.

The World Medical Rugby Doctors Training is funded by Van2017 under the requirement of the World Rugby Federation, to undertake training targeting doctors and physiotherapists.

Van2017 Medical Coordinator Ms. Maturine Carlot explained that the Ministry of Health selected 4 doctors and TWO physiotherapists to be trained as Certified World Medical Rugby Doctors.

“There are only three World Rugby Medical trainers in the world who are authorised to run those kind of trainings – one from Australia, one from England and one from New Zealand. So Van2017 hired the New Zealand Trainer, Dr Stephen Kara from World Rugby, who was available to do so for the Mini Games,” said Ms Maturine Carlot.

The initiative to provide such training was a requirement from the Rugby Technical Delegate who was in Port Vila when it was noticed that Vanuatu has now one of the best sporting complex in the region, but it lacks competent and certified people in specific areas such as Medical Rugby to look after the international rugby tournaments.

During the training, the attendees covered topics in theory, oral and written, which were assessed through a final examination, targeting: immediate care in rugby; basic life support; initial assessment; ensure rescuer safety; primary survey, secondary survey  breathing & chest trauma, circulation & shock,  concussion and management of head injuries; spinal trauma; assessment of spinal injury; fractures; medical emergencies; pitch side setting; recovery position; choking; rescuer safety and survival.

The doctors did  very well to achieve over the 80% pass mark required to qualify for the World Rugby Medical Certificate, which means they can  now attend as World Medical Rugby Doctors in any Oceania and World Rugby Tournaments and finally as part of Korman Complex legacy we can host international  sport tournaments here in Vanuatu  as we have six medical officers that have been issued the World Medical Rugby Certificate to manage the medical side of the high risk games such as Rugby and others like Boxing, Weightlifting, Karate, Judo and Football.

“This training was very helpful, it is the first time we have a standard course on how to deal with injuries with sportspeople field-side,” said Dr Sale Vurobaravu.

“It taught us valuable skills that we can use in the community as well, because it is very beneficial to us not to rely all the time on machines, but to use ear, mouth and eyes to assist in injuries.

“It came at the right time because as we are going to be involved in Medics team for the Games.

To me, the skills I learned from this training are really worthwhile, and they are transferable to other sport disciplines as well and it is a plus!”

“I am so happy and proud to be part of a medical team in a regional big sporting event hosted in our country,” said physiotherapist Manu Tamata.

“As a physiotherapist, I am privileged to learn new skills, such as how to manage and stabilize a spinal injury /head injury. I am looking forward to working with my other colleagues from the region who will come to assist us in Vanuatu, and that will be a great experience.”

Soon after the training, Mr Manu Tamata left the country on Sunday to take up a position as Vanuatu Medical Rugby Physiotherapist for the Rugby Team Vanuatu in Fiji for 2017 Oceania Seven’s Championship.

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