Digicel as our Official Sponsor and the Sponsor of the VAN2017 volunteer program was on hand to distribute the first uniform to the first volunteer waiting to collect his volunteer kit.

Assigned VAN2017 Volunteers from all functional areas have been invited to collect their Volunteer Kit at the National Convention Centre in Port Vila – the first day being Sunday, November 19. The uniform pick-up continues on Nov 20 and Nov 21 from 3 pm to 7 pm.

If you are an assigned volunteer who has attended the volunteer trainings and you have confirmed shifts to work, please make your way to the Convention Centre.

You will receive the official Digicel volunteer uniform, your accreditation badge, and your individual shift schedules which tell you the dates and times of your shifts and which venue you are working at.

Volunteers of all ages lined-up on Sunday at the convention centre, excited to get their Volunteer kit at their respective functional areas.

“One day I was listening to Radio Vanuatu and I heard that Van2017 is looking for volunteers to work during the Mini Games, so I decided, why not me?” said Kemo Kokona.

“Then I decided to fill up a volunteer form. I was so happy when Van2017 contacted me saying that I was picked up as volunteer at Venue Operations.

“I am so happy to be a volunteer in an event like this because I never did it before; it is my first time to take part in this kind of event, and I am so proud that my country is hosting this Games.”

Kemo is 24 years of age, a native of Tongoa Island who lives at Erakor Village, and he was the first volunteer to receive his volunteer kit from Official Games Sponsor Digicel, represented by IT Manager, Namak Peter.

“I have never been a volunteer at an event or a big event of that sort, but offering my service as a volunteer, to me, is only to help my country. I am sure I am going to learn new things, gain new experience, meet new people from other countries in the Pacific…” said Kemo.

He was eager and excited to start learning the new opportunity given to him by Van2017, so he decided to offer his help yesterday at the first day of UDAC, as an Usher.

The first day of UDAC was visited by over 600 volunteers representing 14 functional areas including sport ball kids, spectator services, village services and catering.

The Van2017 Volunteer Program has assigned approximately two thousand volunteers who have shown their commitment to volunteer for the Games, with the majority of shifts during the period November 27 to December 15, 2017.

For more information on the progress of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games preparations, please visit Facebook: vanuatu2017 or Vanuatu2017Nasiviru.