As Van2017 continues wrapping up the 2017 Pacific Mini Games accounts, a large number of the Van2017 staff is now looking for another opportunity. Of the 135 people on staff at peak, in excess of 100 have now finished their tasks, with another 15 finishing within the next week. The remaining staff will be on for a couple of months closing out all accounts, finalizing asset handover, and some working with the Government of Vanuatu on operational planning for Korman complex.

CEO of Van2017 Clint Flood said that much of the success of the Games can rest squarely on the shoulders of the many paid staff of Van2017. All of these people took on large responsibilities with the Games, learned new skills, gained a huge amount of self esteem and confidence, and most importantly worked as a loyal, dedicated, hardworking team.

Mr. Flood said that he has been working in Games environment around the world for 30+ years, and in every host city/country there is always a large legacy left in staff that now has a better skill base that employers can take advantage of to acquire new staff. Running and working in a Games environment requires people to be able to multi-task, communicate well, work under tight deadlines and pressure, and be able to work well within a team environment. These are skills and experience that our staff has, that I would encourage any private employer or Government agency to look at in terms of creating excellence within their organizations. As an example in PNG where the 2015 Pacific Mini Games were held in Port Moresby, the organizing committee staff which was more than 300 people were in great demand after the Games there as companies sought out people who clearly demonstrated an ability to deliver under pressure. Mr. Flood expects the same will happen here. Already some of our staff has job offers, and I trust that lots more will come forward in the next month. Mr. Flood was sure that Van2017 staff will prove that working on the most successful event in Vanuatu in decades will be a great addition to their resumes.

Van2017 will be in the coming weeks contacting companies, NGO’s, Government agencies to determine if there is interest in staff. In the meantime any interested employers in obtaining more information about Van2017 staff are encouraged to contact Van2017 at or 550 2007 to seek information.