A PROUD group of 462 security guards were awarded with a Certificate of Attendance after completing Van2017 security training in Port Vila.

Coming from various communities around Port Vila and Efate, and also from private security firms, the guards showed up in their uniforms and ready to get on with the job.

This is one of the biggest workforce groups to be deployed in the five villages, and five Games Venues from November 1 to December 24, 2017.

“Your prime job is to provide a safe and secure environment to athletes, and visitors; and that means you will be an ambassador for Van2017 – an Ambassador for Vanuatu,” said  CEO Clint Flood

“Our expectation is everybody who is coming to this Games is friendly; we want all the athletes, spectators to enjoy themselves. Your job is to make sure that they can do that, that every day, everyone here enjoys themselves.

“To be Good Ambassadors, there are certain things to do. We need to show up on time, we need to follow the rules – if someone doesn’t have a pass, you cannot let him or her in. Think about your actions, if there is any  illegal action call the police; think about avoiding aggression, be assertive! Deal with incidents in a diplomatic fashion as Ambassadors would do.

“We want you to enjoy your jobs, we want you to be the face of the Games; you need to make sure you interface with people, enjoy your job and, when you are not in duty, bring your family to come and enjoy the Games and other entertainment activities – there will be a lot of things happening!”

Van2017 CEO Clint Flood congratulated them all for their attendance at the training sessions provided by Van2017 and Vanuatu Police College.

“I am very proud to recruit you from communities. These Games are Vanuatu,” he told the graduates.

“I am a guest in your country and I am very privileged to work with each and every one of you who are going to represent your country very proudly in what we are going to do in the next six weeks. So I am ecstatic and very pleased to have a combination of security firms and, mainly, people from the community who have stepped up to represent your community, to make sure that people feel safe and happy here in Vanuatu.”

Mr Flood thanked security guards’ families for allowing fathers and mothers to carry out this important job which will mean spending time away from their children.

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