The track and field events are getting very ‘tuff’ during this week’s competitions within different type of field events you can name it.

Men Pole Vault (Sen)

Geffrouais Florian of New Caledonia with 4.00m won the Gold Medal

Filiaki Mosese from Tonga, Silver Medal, with 3.50m

And Bronze Medal went to Tauvale Vinceslas, 3.40m, from Wallis and Futuna.

Men’s Hammer Throw (Sen)

Cassier Erwan, New Caledonia with 57.05m also won Gold Medal.

Silver Medal went to Toto Petelo of New Caledonia with 53.24m

Paraka Debono from Papua New Guinea won Bronze Medal with a 37.17m throw.

Women’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase (Sen)

Gahekave Poro, Papua New Guinea won Gold Medal with a time of 11:54.37.

Another Silver Medal went to Papua New Guinea, Boram Esther with 12:44.76.

The Bronze Medal was won by Tine Tuna still from Papua New Guinea, with 12:56.38.

Papua New Guinea claimed three medals (gold, silver and bronze) in the senior women’s 3000 meters steeplechase.

Men’s 3000 Meter Steeplechase (Sen)

Charley Simon of Vanuatu took the Gold Medal, with a time of 9:44.37.

Another Silver for Vanuatu from, Nawka Lelo Jack, with 9:48.54.

Bronze Medal for Kaspar Simbai from Papua New Guinea, with 9:55.81.

Women’s 400 meter (Sen)

Senokonoko Miriama from Fiji, with 57.34m, won Gold

Followed by, Tinai Elenani also from Fiji,57.90m won the Silver Medal.

And Bronze to Malamut Nancy from Papua New Guinea, 58.24m.

Decathlon 2 Men Long Jump

Geffrouais Florian from New Caledonia, with 7.14m, added up points to total 847, won Gold Medal.

Bustillo San Cristob Es, Wallis and Futuna, 6.52m, total points of 702 got Silver Medal.

Ham Stephen for Vanuatu, with 6.35m, having total points of 664 won Bronze Medal.

Men’s 4/100 Meter Relay (Sen)

Gold Medal to Fiji:

1) Bulivorovoro Sireli

2) Lemaki Tony

3) Radrudru Kolinio

4) Powell Aaron


Silver Medal to Papua New Guinea:

1) Livuan Charles

2) Stone Nelson

3) Marai Nazmie-Lee

4) Wisil Kupun


And Bronze Medal to Vanuatu:

1) Lolteen Steve

2) Toa Bradley

3) Mento Brandy

4) Imeon Markly

Women’s Discus (Sen)

Topaki Tereapii, Gold Medal to Cook Islands with 47.11m

Silver Medal to New Caledonia, Takosi Atana, with 43.78

And Bronze Medal to Malep Selare, from Vanuatu with 31.85m

Women’s 4/400m Relay (Sen)

Gold Medal to Fiji:

1) Ragatu Serenia

2) Sailosi Elenoa

3) Senokonoko Miriam

4) Naulu Makereta


Silver Medal to Vanuatu:

1) Alatoa Judithe

2) Kalopong Christelle

3) Malrez Lyza

4) Nalin Roslyn


And finally Bronze Medal to Papua New Guinea:

1) Peni Miriam

2) Wisil Toea

3) Adah Afure

4) Malamut Nancy


Women’s Triple Jump (Sen)

Kaputin Rellie from Papua New Guinea won Gold Medal, with 13.26m

Silver Medal to Senokonoko Miriam from Fiji, with 12.46m

And Bronze Medal to Topal Annie from Papua New Guinea with 12.22m

Heptathlon 6 Women Javelin Throw (Sen)

Monagi Adrine, Gold Medal from Papua New Guinea with 37.05, and total points of 611

Silver Medal went to, Lewantak Lily from Vanuatu.30.51, gaining 486 points

And Bronze Medal also went Vanuatu, Kuao Jemila with 21.07m, and a total of 306 points altogether.