The ongoing volleyball matches this afternoon saw some tough matches from both the women’s and men’s competitions.

In the women’s matches, Wallis and Futuna defeated Tuvalu earning 2 sets. Tuvalu led the first set with 19/17 and Wallis and Futuna came back with some super serving in the second set that led to a 21/15 win. Packing up that score, the team gave no chances to Tuvalu in the third set that led to a 15/9 win, securing the two sets.

The second women match saw a strong battle between New Caledonia and Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands women won two sets with the first set seeing a 21/11 win. And the second set with a 21/13 win. The team increased their scores with some excellent spikes throughout their games.

Solomon Beach Volleyball Player U’na said, “we are very happy with our team’s performance and the points against New Caledonia.”

Meanwhile in the Men’s Competitions this afternoon, Cook Islands defeated Palau by winning two sets.

And Fiji beat Kiribati winning 2 sets. It was a tough match that saw Fiji showing much promise to win the game. In the first set, Fiji won with 21/19 and the second set with 21/12.

The last men’s matches that ended the beach volleyball games for this afternoon saw Samoa defeating New Caledonia earning two sets. The first by 21/14 and the second set with a 21/10 win.

Samoa’s Beach Volleyball Athlete, Eneliko Tui said, “we play the best we can and we saw New Caledonia played well. There is a little difference because they are short and we are tall. But they have played very well.”

“In our next matches we have to perform well,” he added.

By Flo Vanua and Tavuti Antas