Ticketing Plan

Tickets for the X Pacific Mini Games are now available from 6 Au Bon Marche outlets (Supermarkets). Please down load the Ticket Order Form (click on link to download), fill in the form according to your preference and take it to your nearest Au Bon Marche Supermarket to process payment.

You can download a complete price/session/code plan here.

Game Schedules
Ticket Purchasing Guide

Ready! Set! OL TICKET!

This guide will help you select the ticket(s) you want for the sport and venue you want.

To purchase a VAN2017 Pacific mini games ticket follow this guide carefully.

Each event and location for the Pacific Mini Games has a session code number. You must find the session in the center of this guide and write down the session code on the ticket order form.

Every ticket you wish to purchase must have the correct session code entered in the ticket form.

The Ticket Order Form is a separate piece of paper inserted loose in this guide. This form is also available at all ticketing outlets.

Ticket outlets can be found at all seven (7) Au Bon Marche outlets around Port Vila.

For more information please contact Van2017 hotline 35517 or visit us at www.van2017.com

Welcome Message
Welcome to the 2017 Pacific Mini Games ticket guide. This booklet contains information to make your ticket purchase easier and quicker.
The session’s codes are an important part of purchasing a ticket. All packages are venue coded and not individual sport coded.
The terms and conditions of the tickets listed below appear on the back of each ticket. We urge you to take time to read them so that you are aware of the conditions which will ensure you have an enjoyable time in the venues.
The Packages, Tickets and Ticket Order Form

There are ten (26) types of packages for the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.
1. Opening Ceremonies Tickets x 23
2. Closing Ceremonies Tickets x 3
3. Ultimate Sport Ticket
4. Korman Pass
5. Men’s Football Semi Final
6. Men’s Football Final
7. Korman Day Pass x 12
8. Port Vila Stadium Day Pass x 4

Venue Package gives you total access to venue from day 1 to final day of sports.
Ultimate Sport Pass gives you complete access to all venues from day 1 to final day of sport competition at a cost of 5,000vt.

The opening Ceremonies tickets come in 2 different sessions, the seated at 3,000vt and standing at 1,000vt. The Closing ceremonies tickets also come in 2 sessions, the seated at 3,000vt and the standing at a cost of 1,000vt.
Men’s Football Semi-Finals gives you access to all the semi final matches at Port Vila Stadium on Wednesday December 13th 2017 at a cost of 1,000vt.
Men’s Football Final gives you access to the football grand final at Port Vila stadium on December 15th 2017. This session cost 1,500vt.

Day tickets for both Korman Stadium and Port Vila stadium cost 400vt per day.

All above mentioned tickets are available at all seven (7) Au Bon Marche outlets around Port Vila and at the entrance of Korman Stadium and Port Vila stadium from December 4th to December 15th 2017.

The seven Au Bon Marche outlets are:
1. Au Bon Marche Nambatu (Flagship)
2. Au Bon Marche Pare/Station
3. Au Bon Marche Tasiriki Korman
4. Au Bon Marche Freswota
5. Au Bon Marche Downtown
6. Au Bon Marche Central
7. Au Bon Marche Manples

To purchase tickets in advance and or in bulk you need a Ticket Order Form. The Ticket Order Form consist 4 fields, the ticket order form code, the quantity, the unit price and the total price.

Follow the instructions provided to complete the order form. Once at the counter, double check your order with the counter staff to ensure correct order has been placed. You are allowed a maximum of 10 tickets per order form.

There are purchase limits on tickets and packages as described in the table of session codes.

All bulk orders (30 tickets or more) can be placed through our authorized ticketing agent. Call 35517 for information.

There will be no refund and no replacement of lost or stolen tickets.

Ticketing Terms & Conditions

1. All tickets are for admission of one person, to only the session(s) as identified on the face of the ticket.
2. All tickets are general admission for specified sections; no numbered seating allocations per ticket.
3. Spectator areas comprise of seating and standing room. General admission ticket bearers are not guaranteed a seated space and may be subject to standing room.
4. Ticket allows bearer unlimited re-entry to the specified session, only if a wrist band is displayed for that session, and such wrist band is in tact.
5. The right of admission is reserved by VAN2017 – Vanuatu Pacific Mini Games (VAN2017) and is subject to the ticketing terms and conditions and the venue terms of admission.
6. The bearer acknowledges that in the interests of public health, safety and security, all spectators may be subject to search of person and belongings, as a condition of entry.
7. No refund or replacement on any ticket except in accordance with the ticketing terms and conditions.
8. The bearer shall be solely responsible for ensuring the safety and security of any items brought to a Pacific Mini Games venue. VAN2017 shall not be liable to the bearer if any such item is lost or stolen.
9. VAN2017 shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense, due to any injury which is not directly caused by VAN 2017 while in any Pacific Mini Games venue including any injury caused by a sport object used during competition.
10. No private vehicle parking access at the venue is granted with this ticket.
11. It is illegal to re-sale this ticket for a higher cost than is shown on the front of the ticket.