The Pacific Games Council has been made aware, through representatives of the local Tahitian media, that the Government of French Polynesia has announced it will not support a delegation from Tahiti Nui to attend the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.

The Pacific Games Council is very disappointed in the decision taken by the Government of French Polynesia, and especially for the implications this decision has for the Tahitian sports federations and most importantly their athletes, as well as for the hosts in Vanuatu who are working exceptionally hard to stage these 2017 Pacific Mini Games for all the Pacific’s athletes.

In the continuing absence of a duly elected Tahiti Nui Pacific Games Association (COPF), following a local court’s decision in August to annul the 2016 elections, the Pacific Games Council will continue with its policy to accept athlete entries for these Games from individual Tahitian sports federations who are duly affiliated with their respective International Federations.

Accepting athlete entries from bodies which purport to be national federations but are not endorsed by their sport’s International Federation places the entire competition at risk and will not be countenanced by the Pacific Games Council.

The Pacific Games Council will not turn away deserving athletes from Tahiti Nui and will make every effort to assist them should their national federation continue their wish to participate in the 2017 Pacific Mini Games.  The Pacific Games Council will also assist this participation in a manner which respects both Pacific Mini Games and national representation protocols.

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