Four hundred sixty-two (462) people coming from communities and private security firms around Port Vila and Efate have undergone intensive training facilitated by Van2017 and the Vanuatu Police Force in Port Vila.

Participants were divided into groups to attend each 2-day intensive training from October 9 to 27, 2017.

VMF Commander Job Esau, who is in charge of Van2017 security, explained that people who are going to provide security services for the Games need to have a good understanding of the role expected by Van2017, and need to know what they are representing as Games security.

“They need to know about customer service, have friendly manners, the ability to handle and understand an incident while on duty and to adhere to the security code of conduct,” he said. “They have to know very well their job, procedures, security policies, emergency procedures, have knowledge of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games, villages and venues, accreditations and rules, and the security plans for all functional areas, as well as displaying personal and professional discipline.”

Security will play a vital role in the Games and Van2017 is expecting athletes and spectators to be safe, as well as all assets that are to be used before, during and after the games, at venues and villages.

“As part of this training, we equipped them on important information such as their placement and schedules, process of checks, reporting structure, applying correct procedures on any incidents, communication structure, and knowing their limits of power in dealing with incidents including not performing their duty as a police officer.”

Mr Esau added that participants come from different backgrounds and age groups, some with little experience in security or none at all, but they all showed their interest when they expressed their appreciation in attending this short course, saying they learned a lot of value they have within themselves.

“I am from west coast Santo; we never have had this opportunity to go through this type of training before,” said one participant. “I am so happy to learn a lot; when I return after the Games I will assist my chief to deal with issues with skills I learnt here.”

Another said: “I am a church elder, I never know about all things we learnt from this course; I didn’t know what is customer service, never knew how to greet my congregation well, but I will apply what I learned to show respect to my congregation.”

A chief said: “I wish to thank Van2017 and the Police instructors for this opportunity; I have never attended such a course before in my life. I deal with issues and incidents in different ways. Today I have been taught how to handle issues and incidents through peaceful negotiation.”

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