FIJI’S fight for a top place finish at the Pacific Mini Games in Vanuatu has been hit with a low blow when sprinter Aaron Powell was disqualified after winning the 100 metres final on Tuesday night.

This continued when Team Fiji boxing coach, Pauliasi Ratu, did not hold back his frustration against the decision to award the middleweight 75 kilogram win on Tuesday night to Vanuatu’s Sivas Lui instead of Josefa Ravudi Jr.

Ravudi Jr lost on points despite his strong outing in the second and the third round of the match.

“I am very disappointed with the decision by the judges,” Ratu, a former champion, he said.

“I do not know how the points were given to the Vanautu boxer, Sivasi Lui because we thought Jo was the winner at the end of the match.

“That boxer was not even punching. He was just padding Joe and that was not even a punch. I do not understand what happened.”

Meanwhile, in the 60kg category, Pauliasi Ratu Jr lost to Nuuull Mose of Samoa on points.

“Pau was good, but in the later round, he was exhausted,” he said.

“It was their last fights where they had to win to be in contention.

“The major challenges I faced is that we did everything right, but it was the boys who did not.

“We cannot be looking after them all the time in terms of eating the right food and sleeping at the right time,” Ratu said.

Story and photo by Fiji Times