Van2017 is proud to introduce to you one of its senior staff members:

Brigitte Laboukly LANG

Van2017 is pleased to welcome Brigitte Laboukly Lang, who came on board to VAN 2017 train in November 2016 as the Ceremonies and Culture Manager.

She brings to the team her vast knowledge of Vanuatu and its cultures and also her enthusiasm in upgrading her management and leadership skills and collaborating with different groups of people in Vanuatu.

Her role in Van2017 is manager of the ceremonies production team, medals ceremony and festival village, which will include Fest Napuan 2017.

The Opening Ceremony to the Games is going to be an exciting and memorable time for Vanuatu, seeing more than 1500 performers come together to highlight the official opening of the Games.

Medals ceremonies happening throughout the games are special and unique moments to winning countries, which the ceremonies team will need to coordinate with professionalism, ensuring adequate celebrations of winning countries.

The closing ceremony will highlight the achievements of the two weeks and end with outstanding awards, appreciation of volunteer participation and medals won.

“I’m happy for this unique opportunity to share my skills and experience with other members of the team, working alongside an experienced executive producer and learning from her and the team as well,” said Mrs Laboukly Lang.

“In this role I will get the chance to meet sports officials, artists, heads of government departments and communities as well. It is a pleasure to see how people get inspired and excited about the Games when I give presentations, updates and reports about the ceremonies of the Games.”

Mrs Laboukly Lang started her primary at Kawenu Primary School, and then went to Malapoa College and later the Emalus Campus of USP to study law.

She joined the VAN 2017 team after over 10 years of service with the Vanuatu Cultural Centre as Vanuatu National Heritage Registry Manager.

“Van 2017 is a dynamic organisation where every day you learn news things, get inspired by the different people and work alongside 65 staff of Van2017,” she said. “After working for an organisation like this you will definitely come out with more experience, new knowledge and ability to work against deadlines.

“I would like to encourage families, friends and the public to buy tickets for the ceremonies and Games and join in igniting the spirit of the games in Vanuatu from now until the 15th of December 2017.”