Referee gave the start signal and both fighters jumped in excitement to punch points. The Vanuatu boxer, Robin Peter, was tough and fast to hit his opponent right in the head. The Fijian boxer,Rokobuli Nemani, also fast, quickly answered with some of his own punch points to Vanuatu’s boxer.

During the second round, vanuatu boxer tried his best to win by way of a knock out but Fiji did well in blocking his attempts.

After the final round, Robin was able to win the bout on point counts.


Despite Tokelau fighter, Eraiski L, being very strong, the New Caledonian boxer, Jean T was able to beat him in a strong boxing match.

The New Caledonian boxer won by a knock out when a RSC (referre stops match) called, for both boxers to retreat to their respective corners, and gave the bout in favour of New Caledonian boxerJean.T.


Raferee having given the comencing sign, PGC boxer, Amoroa A gave no chance to solomon boxer, Samson B.

He was fast, tough and aggressive, heat punch Solomon boxer to a near Knock out until the referee calls for a RSC.

PGC boxer won the fight leaving solomon boxer with a dissapointed facial expression.


PNG, Kami Tomasi Tonga Simi, commenced with very fast threatening, quick jabs combinations and power shots to the head, with lots of PNG suppoerters cheering for him

However, samoan boxer,Aukuso Faamanu maintained a pace with counter attacks, combinations of jabs and very good shots to the head.

In the second round, Faamanu continued his paced assault landing good combinations and body shots to Simi. Both boxers exhausted at the last seconbd but managed to complete the rounds.

In the last round, the Samoan boxer chased the PNG boxer, round the ring landing good combinations and increasing his score tally.

The Ref stopped the fight/combination by Samoa, had PNG backed into the coner by the referee, but finally they managed to finish the rounds with the Samoan boxer won.

For the next matchers in the 91+weight class, Vanuatu boxer, Peter Robin will be fighting New Caledonian boxer, Jean Tuisamoa and Tahitian boxer, Amoroa Atui will be fighting Samoan boxer Faamanu Aukuso.


By Masseng Falau