Local Vanuatu Radio station Capitol FM107, whichis the sole radio broadcasting partner of the Van2017 Games, has a tent setup between the two Korman Stadiums with Black Thunder parked alongside playing music for the passing spectators.

The broadcaster has organised a range of fun games for kids and even adults around their area with the activities for free.

On Tuesday, there was a large gathering of children who had come to enjoy some of the games as there were prizes to win and gift giveaways.

The set-up is a bin at which you can throw a basketball and the ‘player’ has to get at least three balls in the bin. If you get three in, you get a prize.

However, if only one or two balls are thrown in,there will still be a gift for each point scored.

Ericka Steward from FM 107 explained.

“They make this game not only for kids but also for volunteers and everybody can participate in these fun games.”

She also underlined that these games have been organised for these two weeks only and will end when the Van2017 Games end on Friday.

By Amona Kellen.