“I feel like I am working in a big hotel that we need to check on our guest, that there are sufficient stocks of water and sanitizers for them, assisting and attending any of their requests in the front desk, ” said Leisara Carlo.

Leisara is a volunteer and her assignment is to be at the Front desk or Information desk, located at the Athletes’ centre, which is known as the Convention centre.

“On the first day it was quite a bit of challenge to us, because we are a bit shy of talking or speaking Bislama, our pidgin language to our wantoks from the Solomons & Papua New Guinea thinking they are Vanuatu Athletes.

“Now that we have come to the end of the first weeks of the Games, we have built our confidence and we can talk freely to them “.

Ms Carlo never missed a day for work, and she enjoys her job, taking over some shifts from her other colleague volunteers who can’t make it, does boost her morale to talk freely and interacting with the athletes.

Leisara proudly expressed herself that “It’s a first time opportunity to work as a volunteer in such a big event and I have learnt a lot in this first week. I am so lucky to be part of this team of volunteers, and I am so thankful. It is a great experience for me!

“Time management & Customer service are two of the key areas that were strictly emphasised in the work places during these two weeks of the Van 2017” continued Ms Carlo.

As a primary school teacher by profession, Ms Carlo said that she had the chance to interact with two of our Pacific friends, which would never have happened if she were not a volunteer.

She added that the two pacific athletes shared how happy they are in being in Vanuatu, is just like they were at home, they are safe and Vanuatu people are so friendly.

“We are all doing great work for our country and everyone who are involved in these Games despite not knowing what exactly is the role of being a Volunteer in a big event like this, we are ready to assist again in any upcoming events that Vanuatu will host in the future”.

Story/photo by Sharon Bulesali