The Government of Vanuatu, through the office of the Prime Minister, has handed over the management of the National Convention Centre to Van2017.

During a formal hand-over ceremony on Friday, the Executive Officer of the PM’s Office and acting manager of Convention Centre, Jean Francois Metmetsan, officially announced that as of November 10, Van2017 will be managing the Centre until December 22, 2017.

Mr Metmetsan said that this building is a government asset, and given its commitment to the 10th Pacific Mini Games, the Government is obliged to assist in their delivery.

“I am pretty sure that Van2017 will make good use of this building to provide necessary services to all our athletes and officials of the Games, particularly in catering,” he said.

“As you are taking over control of the building, the office of the Prime Minister, the Government will be ready to assist Van2017 during the Games period. It was not easy at the beginning when we started to negotiate on the use of this facility, but at the end, we all work for the interest of the people and the Government to make sure Vanuatu will deliver a successful Games.”

On behalf of the Van2017 team, CEO Clint Flood thanked the Vanuatu Government for the trust given to them to use the magnificent building.

“We will make sure that we protect this house and will work very hard to make sure that the rest of the Pacific perceives how fantastic the facility is, and this will showcase the Games,” said Mr Flood.

“This is where all the meals will be delivered to all athletes – 55,000 meals in this facility during the period of the Games; this is where entertainments will take place. And I would add that this is the best facility ever used in any Games.

“Thank you, Government of Vanuatu, for entrusting this to us. We have a lot of work to do and I think taking the facility few weeks earlier will help us get prepared, as the Games will start in 23 days and villages start operating in November 30.”

For more information on the progress of the Van2017 Pacific Mini Games preparations, please visit our website: or visit Facebook: vanuatu2017 or Vanuatu2017Nasiviru.