Strong support from the two teams’ supporters gave more courage to the players, of teams Fiji and New Caledonia 4 points to 1.

Saula Waqa opened the scoring in the favor of Fiji, supported by the 3 other points that other team members scored.

New Caledonia tried their best to equalize the score but somehow managed to score only 1 point.

The game was very tough between the two teams, which as the Fiji coach said, “we all aim for goal”.

“As for our highest aim, we aim to secure a gold medal, somehow our silly performance with the Vanuatu team led us to this stage but waiting for the last game if Vanuatu defeats Fiji then we will secure the silver but if Vanuatu loses then we will remain in bronze, but most, only God knows, he is leading,” says the Fiji coach.

He continued saying “Fiji hasn’t received any medals in past games, but we’re still happy with the position that we secure.”


Story by Tony. Tahaun

Photos by Rio. Rii