AFTER winning the Commonwealth Games qualifiers, the Fiji beach volleyball men’s and women’s team will compete for a gold medal in the Pacific Mini Games starting today.

Coach Todd Edwards said the competition does not end with the Commonwealth Games qualifiers.

“It was an excellent performance by both the women’s and the men’s team and they did a lot of hard work to get here,” Edwards said.

Fiji men’s team player Inia Korowale said teams would come prepared to beat them in the Pacific Mini Games qualifiers.

“It will be a hard competition,” he said.

“I know through God alone that we would conquer them and the only difference is that we have guts to win and when it comes to final then you will see the real Fijians.”

Fiji defeated Papua New Guinea men’s team 2-1 (21-17), (18-21), (15-11) while the women’s team defeated Solomon Islands 2-0 (21-19) and (21-18).

Story and photo by Fiji Times