Van2017, the Organizing Committee of the Vanuatu 2017 Pacific Mini Games and PCBL
(Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited) are pleased to announce a partnership to ensure
that all nations of the Pacific that can access the signals will be able to watch live and
recorded broadcast from the 2017 Pacific Mini Games being hosted in Port Vila Vanuatu
from Dec 4-15.

Pacific Cooperation Broadcasting Limited (PCBL) was established in April 2015. It is funded
by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade with the overall aim to build
stronger partnerships in the Pacific region by supporting the media sector. It achieves this
through the provision of programme content, broadcast equipment and technical training to
Pacific free-to-air broadcasters.

With the support of the New Zealand Government , this partnership means that for the first
time all nations who have the capacity to receive the signal from the PCBL – Pasifika TV
satellite feed, will be able to view close to 100 hours of the Games content over the 12 days
of competition at no charge.

CEO of Van2017 Clint Flood stated that this generous arrangement is a demonstration of the
strong commitment of New Zealand in the region. The support of the Government of New
Zealand and the strong leadership of PCBL will mean that the fans, families back at home in
the far reaching areas of the Pacific will be able to see and feel the excitement of the Games
and cheer on their athletes.

For many nations this will be the first time they have been able to see the Pacific Games, as
cost of accessing the signal has always been a challenge. Thanks to PCBL, this barrier has
been removed.

Natasha Meleisea, the General Manager of PCBL stated that they are proud to be able to
bring good programming to the Pacific, and that the 2017 Pacific Mini Games provides a
good platform to provide content that hits home to every nation. We understand that 22
countries of the Pacific, plus NZ and Australia have entered into the Games, so it’s a great
opportunity for every fan back in these countries to be a part of the Games through PasifikaTV.

The Host Broadcast team which is being headed up by Telemedia from NZ with the help of
crew being provided by Digicel as the official sponsor of the 2017 Pacific Mini Games,
VBTC (Vanuatu Broadcast TV), France TV, and NBC TV in PNG will provide content that
will be produced in Vanuatu, and then transmitted by Digicel to New Zealand and then
uplinked to IS19 satellite, where the various broadcasters will be able to access that signal.
The Broadcast schedule for the Games will be made available to all broadcasters by Nov 04.

For more information on PCBL – Pasifika TV please visit: